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Contact Information
Forest Products Laboratory
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726-2398
Phone: (608) 231-9200
Fax: (608) 231-9592



To test and evaluate wood, wood products, and wood component specimens to determine their mechanical and material properties.

In use, wood and wood products are subject to many forces like bending, twisting, scraping, punching, sliding, crushing, and pulling. In order to ensure designs are safe and durable, wood users need to know how their materials behave under such forces.

These properties are found by testing materials according to conventional standards and calculating the properties according to the response of the specimens. The work of the Engineering Mechanics and Remote Sensing Lab is crucial to the Forest Products Laboratory's efforts to quantify the properties of materials and products that are used all over the world.


Centennial Research Facility (CRF) - strong floor and strong wall systems