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How does it apply?

Three - Dimensional Engineered Fiberboard

For more information, please contact John F. Hunt.

Transcript of video:

Three-Dimensional Engineered Fiberboard (or 3DEF) is a newly developed product from FPL that may provide an outlet for overstocked fire prone forests. In 2006, a record 9 million acres of woody biomass burned. 3DEF can be produced from virtually any biomass fiber including small diameter trees, invasive woody plant materials, recycled paper, corrugated boxes and various agricultural residues.

FPL's 3DEF begins with an innovative wet-forming process. A wood fiber slurry is vacuum formed over a three-dimensional engineered mold. The water used in this process is recycled for each board. Curing of the 3D fiber mat is achieved during hot pressing.

A 3DEF constructed panel could have the engineering properties of hardboard, and solid fiberboard at a fraction of the weight. Advanced, light weight, high performance composites of this type open up new opportunities for value added products that are both environmentally beneficial and sustainable.