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How does it apply?

New Inovations

fpl More recently, new innovative biobased composite products based on natural fibers, such as agricultural fibers or residues, or on wood-natural fiber hybrids, have also come on the market and now compete directly with traditional wood composites. Other composites, such as wood- or natural fiber-plastic composites, have recently become popular for decking, siding, roofing, fenestration, and millwork. The use of new, innovative technologies in the macro-, micro-, and nanoscale will create still other opportunities in entirely new areas of application.


Advanced engineered biocomposites are needed to meet the diverse needs of users for high-performance and commodity products that also increase the health and sustainability of forests. This next generation of engineered biocomposites must provide materials and products that far exceed current expectations (such as lower cost, greater adaptability and reliability, lower maintenance), open new markets (such as commercial construction, automotive, aerospace), and reduce environment impacts.

FPL has the expertise and facilities to meet the challenges of the evolving biobased composites sector. With our multidisciplinary approach and various laboratories, our scientists can collaboratively expand the current level of performance of our advanced engineered composite products and explore entirely new opportunities.