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Advanced Housing Research Center (AHRC)

America needs durable, affordable, and energy-efficient housing. In response to this need, the Advanced Housing Research Center (AHRC) was established at the US Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), in Madison, Wisconsin.
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FPL has been involved in wood-frame housing research since 1910 and has long been recognized as a world leader in such housing-related areas as engineered wood products and structures, moisture control, material design and performance, coatings and finishes, adhesives, wood preservation, and composites. Many of the materials and technologies currently used in wood-frame housing were developed through basic research at FPL in cooperation with industry, academia, and government. To move new technologies into use, FPL has also established strong links to industry and has played an active role in technology transfer and in the development of codes and standards.

Research at the AHRC evaluates technology needed for both new and existing housing and encompasses all types of residential structures in which wood or wood-based products are used as primary or secondary building components. Emphasis is on the improved use of traditional wood products, recycled and engineered wood composite materials, durability, moisture control, natural disaster resistance, and an improved living environment.
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The Center's research focuses primarily on the housing structure and practical technologies that can be readily adopted by homebuilders, industry, and consumers. The AHRC also cooperates with partners in areas involving the latest theories and ideas in resource management, including water conservation and landscaping.
Housing research at the AHRC is facilitated and coordinated through both internal and external partners. The Center has relied heavily on partnerships and alliances with universities, industry, consumers, and other government agencies, including the following:

  • Coalition for Advanced Wood Structures (CAWS) brings together universities, industry and government to improve the economy and performance of all types of wood structures, especially housing, non-residential buildings and transportation structures.
  • Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH), which was a decade-long government-industry partnership run by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, to accelerate the development and implementation of new housing technologies.