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Publications - By Topic

TopicNumber of publications
Acid Copper Chromate (ACC)3
Advanced Housing Research Center - Published Information40
Alkaline Copper Quat (ACQ)15
Ammoniacal Copper Citrate (CC)3
Building Assessment/Nondestructive Evaluation5
Building Deconstruction, Lumber Salvage, Wood Recycling25
Building Design and Construction9
Building Moisture & Durability27
Carbon sequestration and wood products7
Center for Wood Anatomy Research14
Chemical and Physical Properties of Lignocellulosics10
Chemical and Structural Modification of Lignocellulosics24
Composites - Wood based12
Control of moisture in buildings8
Copper dimethyldithiocarbamate (CDDC)2
Deck Construction and Maintenance8
Disposal and reuse of treated wood12
Dividends from Wood Research - Decay Processes and Bioprocessing2
Dividends from Wood Research - Durability9
Dividends from Wood Research - General2
Dividends from Wood Research - Papermaking and Paper Recycling11
Dry Kiln Operator's Manual - USDA Agricultural Handbook AH-18812
Economic Trends in the Pulp and Paper Sector3
Effect of preservative treatment on mechanical properties6
Energy from Wood1
Engineered Properties and Structures62
Engineered Wood Products Testing and Performance20
Engineering Mechanics and Remote Sensing Laboratory20
Environmental impacts of treated wood and methods to reduce the impacts8
Experimental preservative treatments19
Exterior fires10
Fiber Plastic Composites for Housing11
Fire growth (interior fires)6
Fire resistance33
Fire safety/ Fire performance (General)8
Forest Restoration and Nanotechnology3
Glulam Analysis3
Glulam Utilization2
Hardwood Utilization - Engineered Wood Products2
Hardwood Utilization - Sawmilling - Sawing, Saws, and Saw Design2
Hardwood Utilization - Tropical Woods2
Hardwood Utilization - Wood Technology4
Lignocellulosics in combination with dissimilar materials30
Natural durability10
Painting and Finishing Factsheets5
Performance Engineered Composites5
Primer for Wood Biomass - Wood for Energy8
Remedial or field treatment of wood9
Research in Progress - Biodeterioration1
Research in Progress - Building Design and Construction4
Research in Progress - Economics and Market Assessment1
Research in Progress - General13
Research in Progress - Life Cycle Inventory and Assessment1
Research in Progress - Wood Reuse and Recycling1
Research methodologies in the field of wood preservation7
Seismic Performance of Wood Framed Buildings4
Small-Diameter and Roundwood Utilization17
Statistical Methods in Wood and Fiber Research4
Statistics on timber and wood products production, trade, consumption, and prices2
Timber Bridges: Design, Construction, Inspection, and Maintenance27
Timber Demand and Technology Assessment Research32
Top Forest Products Utilization Publications8
Using Composites as a Tool Toward Sustainable Forestry8
Utilization of Exotic-Invasive Weed Species as Value Added Composite Products6
Water Filtration and Pollution control3
Wheelchair-friendly playground and recreational trails using cost-effective wood chips5
Wood Adhesives Science and Technology7
Wood Decay6
Wood Handbook - 2010 Centennial Edition26
Wood Preservation22
Wood Processing and Drying Systems2
Wood products production and consumption2
Wood Surface Chemistry3
Wood Transporation Structures - CAWS7
Wood Transporation Structures - NCWTS25
Wood-Inorganic Composites7