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Patents and Licensing

The Patent Program helps convert Forest Service research into usable information and technologies that benefit both the American public and industry. Patents are an effective mode of technology transfer, as they make technologies more appealing to the marketplace due to the exclusivity they offer. Technology transfer leads to increased productivity, increased industrial innovation, enhanced U.S. industrial competitiveness, job creation, and improved and lower cost public services.

Below is a list of patented technologies that were invented by Scientists from the Forest Product Laboratory and other US Forest Service Research Stations. All are available for licensing and/or cooperative research opportunities.
The Ring Profiler provides a more accurate look at how trees grow, and may have significant implications in forest management and climate-change studies.

For more information, please visit the Patent & Licensing Program Information section of the national US Forest Service R&D Web site or contact:

Thomas Moreland
Technology Transfer Coordinator
Patent & Licensing Program
US Forest Service
1400 Independence Ave., SW
Washington DC 20250-0003
Phone: 443-677-6858
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